From the Kitchen of The Pearl of Seneca Lake B & B
Dundee, NY

Spinach and Bacon Omelet

with Cheddar Cheese

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This omelet has become an easy favorite with our guests at The Pearl of Seneca Lake Bed and Breakfast. I found this recipe in the Williams-Sonoma’s Breakfast Comforts cookbook. I usually serve it in the summer when spinach is in season, and add some extra bacon on the side. (Even guests who say they do not like spinach love this recipe.)

Spinach and Bacon Omelet Recipe

Fry and drain on paper towels:
4 thick slices of bacon, cut into bite-size pieces

In 2 tsp bacon grease, cook about 1 minute:
1 tbsp minced shallots

Rinse, but do not drain:
4 cups of packed baby spinach

Add to pan a handful at a time, and cook until the spinach wilts.   Season with salt and pepper and drain in a sieve, pressing gently to remove excess water.   Coarsely chop the spinach.

Whisk together:
6 large eggs
2 tbsp water
¼ tsp salt

Using the same fry pan, melt over medium heat:
2 tbsp butter or bacon grease covering the pan bottom.

Add half of the egg mixture and cook until the eggs have barely begun to set around the edges.   Raise the cooked edges, tilting the pan to allow the liquid egg mixture on top to flow underneath.   When the eggs are almost completely set (but still slightly moist on top), sprinkle half of the cheese over half of the omelet.   Scatter half of the cooked bacon and half of the spinach over the cheese.

Using a spatula, fold the untopped half over the filled half.   Slide or flip onto a plate.

Repeat for the second omelet.   Serve with fresh salsa or a dollop of sour cream.