“How Did You Ever Find This Place?”

When friends come and stay at the Pearl, we often hear how pleased they are, and we hear them say to their friends with whom they came – “How did you ever find this place?”  Usually, a couple of friends first visit and then tell others about their experience.  Those friends come to visit and tell a different set of friends, and on it goes with the referrals.

What a wonderful compliment!   It gives us smiles and warm fuzzies.   Yet to be honest, we owe our success to our guests who make suggestions and comments that we are able to incorporate into our B&B.   Some of the ideas that we have found so helpful include:

  • A white board in the kitchen with the names of the guests staying in each room, making it easier to get to know each other and to call them by name.
  • Hooks on the back of the bathroom doors to hang up clothes or towels
  • A large plastic bag in each closet to use as a laundry basket
  • A night light in the halls and kitchen, enabling guests to access cookies and coffee anytime
  • Paper towels under the bathroom sinks to be used for a variety of reasons.
  • A pitcher of ice water on the breakfast table.
  • Suggestions on what is helpful meeting dietary needs.
  • Plates and silverware available that make take-out dinners a little fancier.
  • Almond milk available in addition to half and half and 2% milk for coffee/tea.
  • Realizing that when guests have likes and dislikes, it is not a reflection on our cooking.
  • Couples who want to have breakfast in their bedroom are not being anti-social.
  • Makeup mirrors in each bathroom for ease in putting on makeup and shaving.
  • Having stacks of firewood closer to the firepit.
  • Having dry wood in the garage to use after a rain.
  • Motion detectors that light up the pathways to the doors.
  • Blankets available near the fire pit for cooler evenings.

Sadly, some things we are not able to correct, such as:

  • The Garmin GPS, which often takes guests down a neighbor’s road.
  • Our sun-activated lights that need the sun to shine.
  • The sea gulls who make a habit of sitting on our dock and leaving their droppings.
  • Deer that set off the motion detectors.
  • The quiet that some find disconcerting.

So now it is easy to see how we gain so much from listening to our guests.   A perfect match where we all benefit!    Life is Good!



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