The Joys of Innkeeping

Having our first guests for our 17th season brought to mind how much we enjoy being innkeepers.   I enjoy the breakfast preparations and am usually proud of the breakfast we serve.   But most of all we enjoy the conversations that we have with our guests.   For the returning guests, it is fun to hear how their families have grown and the life events that have changed their lives.   And getting to know new guests for the first time is always fun.   People are working in so many interesting areas, including law, medicine, I/T, support staff, craftsmen, mechanics, homemakers and race car drivers.   I have to watch myself when talking to families not to continually say “we had a guest that said this or did that”.   Often, I think back to what the owners of a mattress store would say about customers who take their recommendations, but then purchase their mattress in a different store (I confess that we have done that).   And I marvel at the court stenographer being so focused and able to take down dictation so rapidly.   The guests who are involved in social justice and race relations are inspiring.   We became so aware of how easy it is to abuse the medical and legal professionals by asking innocent questions that violate their privacy and vacation time.   We marvel at the intelligence of the mechanics who can diagnose and repair race cars and family cars.   The world is full of so many intelligent and caring people.

We encourage our guests to let us know of any dietary restrictions or preferences that they have.   We smile when we find out that they did not tell us their preferences so as not to cause us extra work.   We are here to serve and it is never a problem making someone a different kind of egg or oatmeal
One thing that impresses us is the quality of the guests who come to The Pearl.   They respect their surroundings and the lake.   They quickly clean up any spills, extinguish the fire in the firepit and let us know of anything that needs our attention.   We are blessed knowing them.

So… you can see how delighted we are being innkeepers.   And now we look forward to a rewarding 17th season.


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