New Recipes as We Start Our 17th. Season

Soon and very soon we will be able to open for the season.   We are targeting the beginning of April, when COVID is hopefully under control and we’ll have received the vaccination.   We closed before Thanksgiving due to COVID, and we are really missing talking to everyone.   During our down time, Peter has been organizing his data base and doing a lot of handyman things around the house.  I have had lots of fun scanning the Internet, finding and trying lots of breakfast and dinner recipes.   After I try the breakfast recipes a few times and they pass the “Pearl test”, Peter puts them on our website.   Some recipes were OK but not good enough to serve our guests.

The new recipes on our web site include Breakfast Potatoes, Hash Brown Breakfast Cups, Breakfast Quesadillas, Baked Apples and Skillet Fruit Pancakes.   I particularly like the Skillet Fruit Pancakes.   They are so good and since they bake in the oven, I am freed up in the kitchen.   We will be adding a Pear Cobbler soon.   An added bonus with the Baked Apples and Pear Cobbler is that they can easily be served as a dessert for dinner.   These recipes and new ones to come can be found on the Pearl of Seneca Lake website.

Meanwhile, we will soon be starting our 17th season.   It continues to be a joy receiving you into our home and seeing you enjoy our facilities, the firepit and the lake.   It is so fulfilling watching our guests relax and get renewed.   We like to tell the story of how we welcomed one couple (one of many couples) who were so stressed and nervous when they arrived.   Over the next few days, they became full of smiles, laughing and so content to just sit and enjoy each other and the lake.   That is our goal — bringing love and joy into our guests’ lives.

A continual question we receive is how long will we be running our Bed and Breakfast.   It seems to us that if we did nothing, we would soon get sick.   We are both healthy and very happy, and will hire more help when and if needed.   Our life is fulfilling and a joy.

– Mary

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