Preparing for the 2018 Season

We are now closed during the winter months to give us time to recharge and catch up on various household chores.   The rugs will need to be cleaned, and some walls will have to repainted or touched up.   Peter will be working on our web site  –  updating events, adding new items and checking on our search engine optimization.   I now have time to try new recipes.   The first time I make a recipe, I usually follow the recipe verbatim.   The second time I usually make the recipe my own, making small changes which sometimes means just cutting the ingredients into smaller pieces.   One thing that I have discovered is that sweet potatoes add a very nice flavor to a breakfast casserole.   So now I am having fun working with sweet potatoes.   When I am satisfied with a recipe, you will see it posted on our Food & Recipes page.

Another thing that I also enjoy is being organized.   I like to know where my supplies are located, and whether they are accumulating or getting low.   This is only possible when I visit all the closets and drawers over the winter.   It is a wonderful feeling donating duplicate items or things we no longer need.

Before we know, Spring will be here and we will be looking forward to welcoming and enjoying our guests.   That is why we have our B & B  –  welcoming and enjoying our new and old friends, sharing ourselves with them, and watching them enjoy our home, our grounds and Seneca Lake.   All this makes the time spent on our winter preparations very worthwhile.   We hope to see you soon!   We will be opening again on Friday, March 16th.

– Mary

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