A Bed and Breakfast is an Experience

“A Bed is just a Bed; a Bed and Breakfast is an experience.”   The experience of a B&B and a relationship with the innkeeper are critical.   This relationship is what separates a B&B from other places of lodging.   The innkeeper can direct you to good restaurants, things to do in the area and places to avoid.   Many B&B’s have porches, outdoor areas and games available.   Evening snacks and early morning coffee are usually provided.

The number of rooms in a B&B is often a reflection of the county/town regulations.   The room cost is usually a reflection of the state/local taxes.   For instance, due to the taxes, a B&B on a lake or even with a view of the lake will cost more than a similar facility located inland or in a town.

So… how do you choose a B&B?   Checking out the reviews on Trip Advisor and Google helps and can give you a flavor of the inn.   I always have a little reservation when an inn has a large number of reviews, which only happens when the innkeepers ask for the reviews.   When you ask a guest for a review, they feel compelled to write positive statements.   An unsolicited review seems to come directly from the heart.  
Reviews can tell you about the relationship between the innkeepers and their guests.

Checking out the policies of the inn can tell you a lot about the attitude of the innkeepers.   The negativity of their policies will carry over into their relationships.   When they refer to their guests with respect and as responsible adults, it will be a relationship that can flourish. &nbsp Respect is contagious.

If their web site is updated and attractive, you can assume that they will be attentive to “the little things”.   Good luck in your pursuit of a stay in a Bed & Breakfast.   Each one has an individual character reflecting the personality of the innkeepers.   And each will be a unique experience.

– Mary

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