Summertime … and the Living is Easy

Summertime … and the living is easy.   The wineries are operating in full capacity, and everyone is enjoying their favorite wine.   It is a fun time in the Finger Lakes with water activities, boat rides, hiking, museums and wineries at their busiest.   People who do not enjoy wine, beer, etc., have no problem keeping busy.   One of my favorite pastimes is having a book in my hand, sometimes reading but usually falling asleep.

We have a fire pit that is now being used on a regular basis.   Because of the ash borer insect, guests are not allowed to bring firewood across county lines, and so each year we get a truckload of wood.   We strive to keep sufficient wood by the fire pit, and often when the wood supply is depleted, guests walk up the driveway to replenish their own supply.   We often keep some wood in the garage to ensure that guests have dry wood after a rain.   The fire is complemented with marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers located in the foyer.   An option for many of our guests is to use the open fire to cook hot dogs, steak and a variety of vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, corn, etc.).

One of the nicest compliments that we get from our guests is that they feel right at home.   Napkins and paper plates are available in each room, and utensils are located in the kitchen if needed.   Each room has a small refrigerator to store food and drinks, as well as a microwave to warm coffee or make popcorn.   Each room has stemmed and stemless wine glasses, along with a corkscrew.   Available anytime in the kitchen is a Flavia Coffee Maker, similar to the Keurig, which makes individual cups of coffee.   We also have both loose teas and tea bags.   And making it all homelike is our bottomless (oatmeal/chocolate chip) cookie jar, available day and night.   So … relax, feel at home and enjoy!

– Mary

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