How our White Sheets and Towels Stay Stain-free

In March 2016, we were very excited to be opening for our 12th season.   It has been a fun ride that we hope to continue for a long time.   It always gives us a thrill to welcome returning guests, realizing how blessed we are that they chose to stay with us a second, third and fourth time, etc.

One thing that has made my life a little easier is remembering a formula that my Mom used to remove the stains from our white sheets and towels.   (Originally, I used this formula for the diapers and undershirts of our young children.)   We made the choice initially to use white sheets and towels as well as light colored cotton bed spreads, so we could see the stains and tend to them immediately.   We also have 8 different cotton bed spreads, so they are rotated and washed at least monthly.   My Mom would boil water in a big pot with 1 cup of powdered dish detergent, 1 cup of laundry detergent, 1 cup of Clorox and ½ cup of borax, and then add the white items to remove stains and brighten up the color.   The stubborn stains would be boiled for a few minutes.   I am not that ambitious, so I use the soak cycle with hot water in the washing machine.   And I do not always measure, but just add a little of this and that.   I let the wash soak for a while.   It usually works and removes wine, lipstick stains, hair dye and other makeup items.   I have also used a pail for soaking the soiled items overnight.   For non-white items, I just omit the Clorox or soak the items in our wash tub overnight, using this formula or just Oxiclean.   This has been very successful, and very rarely am I not able to remove the stain.   Try it – I think you will be pleased.

– Mary

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