Looking Forward to our 12th. Season

It seems that each year we have an increase in the number of our returning guests, and it looks like 2016 will continue to be a good year.   Reservations have been coming in for spring, summer and fall.   Our returning guests always make themselves at home  –  enjoying the bottomless cookie jar and the coffee/tea/cocoa, as well as the lake, the fire pit and the living room.   Our new guests will also enjoy the amenities of The Pearl as they explore the Finger Lakes area.

We are closed now as we prepare for the next season.   We’ll reopen on Friday, March 20th. and will also be open for Valentine’s Weekend (February 12-13).   In the meantime, we are doing a little painting, carpet cleaning and trying new breakfast items.   We really enjoy anticipating the fun we will have meeting new guests and welcoming returning guests.   As we enter our 12th. year, we realize how blessed and grateful we are for our many guests who quickly and easily become friends.   Life is good!

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