Our Bottomless Cookie Jar

Seeing our bottomless cookie jar go down brings a smile to our hearts.   Cookies are an ultimate comfort food, and one of the reasons guests choose to stay with us.   I usually make the Nieman-Marcus chocolate chip cookies about twice a week, and each time I make 12 dozen cookies.   It seems that each evening we refresh the cookie jar, and by morning we often find one (or even a half) cookie remaining in the jar.   Seeing one cookie left gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.   As one of our guests commented  –  “I never had cookies from a cookie jar before”.

Over the years, I have found a few tricks that help the cookies turn out best.   One trick is to really beat the eggs as they are added to the sugar/oil mixture, and then let the dough sit for over an hour.   Along with good ingredients, this seems to keep the cookies from spreading.   Using different kinds of chocolate chips (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate chunks) gives the cookies an added depth.   You will be pleased when you make our famous cookies.   You can find the recipe on the Food & Recipes Page on our web site at www.thepearlofsenecalake.com.   Enjoy!

– Mary


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