Publicizing Our Handicap Accessibility

We are so pleased that we are included in the newly-published book  Resting Easy in the US / Unique Lodging Options for Wheelers and Slow Walkers  by Candy Harrington.   The book includes a chapter on the accessibility of The Pearl of Seneca Lake Bed and Breakfast, with descriptions and photos of our handicap-accessible (ADA-compliant) Merlot Room, including its bathroom and the adjoining doorways and hallways.   This room is easily accessed via one of our two ramps.   Guests can easily go out on the deck to enjoy the view of Seneca Lake, or join others in the common living room and the kitchen.   Of particular interest is the sit-down shower that makes this bathroom very desirable and popular with able-bodied guests as well as those with disabilities.   Click here to see a description of the book or to place an order.

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