Good Ingredients Make Good Cookies

Recently I discovered something that I should have already known.   One time when I was shopping, I bought the store brand brown sugar for my cookies, thinking that it would not make much difference and it was definitely cheaper.   Well, my cookies spread out too much, and looked and tasted different.   It took me a few batches before I realized that it might be the brown sugar.   Everything was back to normal once I went back to Domino’s brown sugar.

The lesson learned  –  when baking, use good ingredients.   Buying the best chocolate chips, brown sugar, vanilla and King Arthur flour really makes a difference.   Another trick I learned was that after making the cookies, if you let them sit for an hour or so, a chemical reaction happens which limits the spreading of the cookies.   And the dough does not have to be refrigerated.   Be sure to check out the Food and Recipes Page on our website at, where you’ll find the recipe for my famous chocolate chip cookies.   I think you will be pleased.

– Mary

2 thoughts on “Good Ingredients Make Good Cookies

  1. Dear Mary, your cookies were still delicious 🙂 Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. You & Peter are the best Hosts ever! I do hope we can return again soon.
    Best, Demetra & Curt.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Demetra. We loved having you with us, especially getting to celebrate your birthday with you. We’d love to have you and Curt back with us. You are both great people.

      Peter & Mary

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