Doing Nothing at The Pearl

Before people make a reservation at The Pearl of Seneca Lake, they usually do research on what they can do in the area.   They check out the wineries (62+ on Seneca Lake) and breweries (29+ in the Finger Lakes) and restaurants.   The one thing we often hear them say as they are leaving is that the next time they come, they hope to slow down and take the opportunity to relax.   So when you come to The Pearl, plan on slowing down, having a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, and just sitting and relaxing, absorbing the beauty of the lake.   Reading a book and falling asleep in our two-person hammock are similar treats.   So is watching the stars without the usual light contamination.   Life can be such a planned roller coaster, and for this reason we like to recommend that everyone take some time at The Pearl to “do nothing”.

– Mary and Peter

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