New York Wine & Culinary Center


New York Wine and Culinary Center:   A Wine Lovers’ Paradise

provided by feature writer Eve Pearce

A stay at The Pearl of Seneca Lake, located near the quiet village of Dundee, NY, is not about action and adventure.   Nor is it about the buzz of a busy crowd, or the non-stop beat of the city.   Visiting Seneca Lake is about relaxing, unwinding, experiencing the tranquility of the great outdoors, and above all, sampling some of the best wine the state of New York has to offer.

Winemaking is big business at Seneca Lake, and the area is simply covered with beautiful vineyards and opportunities to experience the grape.   The first vineyards in the area were established in the 19th century, with the foundation of the Seneca Lake Wine Company in 1866.   Seneca Lake is famous for its Wine Trail, with over sixty wineries located on its shores.   When you have experienced some of the excellent wineries along Seneca Lake, take the experience up a notch with a visit to the New York Wine and Culinary Center.   This premiere New York attraction is just under an hour’s drive from The Pearl of Seneca Lake, and makes the perfect day-trip.

Classes and Events
The New York Wine and Culinary Center provides a unique experience for wine and food lovers alike with the array of classes and special events it has to offer.   The types of classes available vary on a week-by-week basis, and include opportunities to learn about the creation of certain foods and alcohol.   Learn how to pair wine and food together with the General Manager of the New York Wine and Culinary Center, Thomas Belelieu, who will simultaneously show you how New York chardonnay compares with the rest of the world.   For those interested in the regional cuisine, there are classes based on original New York dishes, where participants will have the opportunity to learn the history and recipes of some New York staples.   Whatever you are interested in: wine, food, beer, or spirits, you can rest assured that there will be a class available to suit your tastes.
There are also special events available periodically throughout the year;   these often encompass intense training courses, or one-off educational programs.   An upcoming event that may be of particular interest for wine enthusiasts is the Intense Workout Boot-Camp with Three Master Sommeliers.   The course runs over two days, and is designed to provide an introduction for budding sommeliers.   There will even be a Certificate Level examination at the end of the course.
Tasting Room and Bistro


There are of course many opportunities to sample fine wines at the New York Wine and Culinary Center, and the tasting room is where the majority of this sampling happens.   Visitors can indulge themselves with a choice of fine wines, beers, and spirits, for which they will be guided by knowledgeable staff.   The tasting menu changes on a regular basis, and there is also a ‘Limited Availability’ section which includes some vintage and hard-to-find wines.   If you find that all the wine, beer, and spirit tasting has gotten to you, fear not, the New York Wine and Culinary Center also has its very own bistro.   Here you can sate your hunger after a tough day of drinking and learning the tricks of the trade.   The bistro is relatively casual, and advanced booking is advised, as it can get busy quickly.


Planning Your Trip
Plan your visit to the New York Wine and Culinary Center in advance so you can relax and enjoy the experience on that day.   If you are travelling overseas to stay at Seneca Lake, then you should consider what you will do for travel money in America.   Changing travel money at a reputable exchange outlet is usually the best way to go, as often you will be stung with extra charges when using your credit or debit card abroad.   However, if you wish to book onto a class or event at the New York Wine and Culinary Center, you will be required to pay by card.   You can avoid any unreasonable credit charges by researching which cards offer the best foreign exchange deal and which do not have an international load fee before you go.   When this is sorted out, all there is to plan is when to go and how to get there.   Take a look at the company website and at the class and events schedule so you can plan your trip around making your desired class.   The New York Wine and Culinary Center is less than an hour’s drive from The Pearl of Seneca Lake.

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