The Culture of The Pearl

The culture we have at The Pearl of Seneca Lake B&B is so enjoyable, and it is often filled with lots of laughter.  One of our favorite stories is about the guest from New York City who was never part of the boy scouts, and was unfamiliar with starting a bonfire.  The first thing he tried to do was to light a fire with a rolled up newspaper under a large log.   The other guests watched and gave lots of advice, without success in starting the fire.  They teased each other the next day at breakfast.  But then the next day, our fire starter bought a starter fire log, and hid it under the kindling as he prepared the logs for the fire.  The fire started easily the next night, and the others discovered his secret.  It brought another round of laughter the next day at breakfast.
We have a “bottomless” cookie jar, and we keep it filled on a daily basis.  I always enjoy it when we come down in the morning and find two cookies left in the jar.   Universally, no one eats the last cookie.
We also had a couple who were not familiar with country living, and when they left, they said that now they know what it is like to be “camping.”   Others reminded them that they had a “flush toilet” and a comfortable bed.  They were hardly camping.

We have wide-ranging wireless Internet, and our guests are able to use their computers sitting at our fire pit.  Somehow, when we see guests using their computer while sitting with the group at the fire pit, we have to ask    what’s wrong with this picture?

Another teasing situation was when our career navy guest stood up in the canoe and fell in the lake. His wife loved teasing him and he was such a good sport as we all joined in the laughter.
The more our guests relax and feel more comfortable with us and with each other, the more fun we all have.  It is a good time to be innkeepers.

– Mary

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