Relaxing at The Pearl

Some of our guests have said that coming and spending time at The Pearl is essential for their survival – it is not a luxury.   Their life with family commitments and job responsibilities contributes to their stress.   It seems that we all need time to relax and “unwind”.   This is not a new idea.   We often mention to our guests the need to relax, and that seems to give them permission to “do nothing”, either by themselves or with their partner – a time to relax and be themselves.
Some of the suggestions we make to our guests are:

• Do nothing, have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and just sit and look at the lake.

• Sit quietly on our dock.

• Relax in our two-person hammock.

• Read a book.

• Start a bonfire, cook hot dogs, roast marshmallows, make a s’more.

• Walk our nature trail.

• Take a canoe ride or a ride in the row boat.   Go for a swim.

• Play a game of horseshoes.
• Visit the cookie jar.
So… don’t worry about things to do in the area.   We all may have to schedule time to just “unwind”.   That might be the best thing you can do for your family, your job, and your own survival.

– Mary

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