Guest Demographics are Important to Us

It is so important for innkeepers to know their changing demographics.   The demographics at our B&B have changed over the last 6 years.   When we first opened in 2005, our primary guests were retired people or those about to retire.   When the economy took a tumble, everything changed.   It seems now we have more people in the 30-50 age range.   This is important for us as innkeepers since we have noticed some foods are generational.   People from Europe and those over 60 love poached eggs.   The athlete, vegetarian and those who are health-conscious want our 5-grain toast and granola with yogurt or almond milk along with the entrée.   Some of our retired people are staying away from roughage and so they eat my home made white bread and fruit along with a smaller entrée.   I have to be aware and provide for those who work at manual labor and need more food than those who work at a desk.

The best part is that all of our guests are the best.   They are fun, interesting people.   Some guests are here to relax and are on a “lovers’ weekend”.   Others do the wineries or the race track.   We were told when we opened to use our good things.   Nothing will happen to them, and that seems to be true.   People take very good care of everything that they use and are very respectful, helpful and welcoming to each other.   I love it when I hear them share experiences and tell each other about their favorite winery or restaurant.   An amazing fact is that they always have things in common – areas of work, towns they lived in, hobbies, etc.   At one breakfast, we had 3 librarians.   Another time we had all carpenters and construction workers.   And then we always feel very safe when the house is full of medical people.

As you can imagine, out main focus is breakfast and making each person feel welcome and comfortable in our home.   This is not hard to do.   When you connect good people in a good environment, only good things can happen.

– Mary

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